Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Quick Update, here's the beginning of the neighborhood:

Now I've had two feelings about the fact that the roofs are blue. Some think it's too unrealistic, others love it and say to keep it. Any thoughts?


Katie said...

I could see it both ways, but the focus of the story doesn't really have to do with the house, it's the boys and the bikes. Therefore I would keep the environment relatively simple (keep the blue) and dress up or brighten the subjects.

Aunt Ish said...

I like the blue roof tops especially the various shades of blue. Who cares if it's unrealistic. It's a cartoon. I like the uniqueness of it. I would like to see some flowers in either window boxes or flower gardens. And I agree that the boys and their bikes should be the main focus (colorful). I look forward to seeing more.

Kat Allen said...

Thanks you two :) I'll definitely be putting my subjects in red/orange colors to draw them forward from the background.

And yep, I'm currently working on some landscaping Aunt Ish :)

Jan said...

I'll be watching your progress!