Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here is a quick rundown of how the thesis film's story will run:

To demonstrate conspicuous and competitive consumption, an environment will be created in which a boy gets new tricycle, plain, simple, yet functional, and the boy is happy. A second boy rides by on bike with shiny reflector. The first boy feels discontent with his plain Tricycle. After adding a reflector to his bike, second boy rides by with reflector and a flag. Again, first boy is discontent until he adds a flag. The two boys go back and forth adding more items to the bikes, until both bikes are so overloaded that neither boy can move them. Third boy rides by on a plain but functional bike, happy as can be. Original two watch the third boy with jealousy, wishing their bikes would work once more. Scene ends with first boy’s wheel falling off. Animation is to be completed in 3D, with a cartoon simplistic style.

And here is my paper proposal ti give an idea of what I'll be writing about

Conspicuous and Competitive consumption are characteristics of human society. Instead of buying necessary items, purchasing decisions are influenced on what is bigger, brighter, and more expensive. These items function to superficially elevate the owner’s status of wealth, social standing, and ego. As Richard G. Lipsey, and Colin Harbury point out in their book First Principals of Economics, “Some consumers may, for example, buy diamonds not because they really like diamonds, but because they wish to display their wealth in an ostentatious, but socially acceptable, way.” This thesis will provide an animated visual equivalent of this observation.

I also plan to add a section to my paper dealing with the interaction, cooperation, and collaboration between artists/animators around the world via the internet.

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